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Let’s talk Apes. Yes, those Apes! Bored Apes Yacht Club.When you buy an Ape today you by default now also own the Brand IP for that Ape, and are free to commercialize it however you see fit.Not much happened in year one. But now that we are just getting into year two of BAYC, we are seeing a ton of movement.First came a DTC coffee brand! Bored Breakfast Club.Then next a full-on cereal brand! gm cereal.And maybe the most ambitious idea of them all, a burger joint! Bored & Hungry.So that’s all well and good for BAYC, but what about movies, the movie industry, and all the Brand IP that comes along with it?What if you could go watch a movie, then go grab a stake in that movie by simply purchasing one of its NFTs — and let’s say it’s under a similar model to that of BAYC — you’d then be free to commercialize that Brand IP into whatever you liked.A sequel maybe? Shampoo? Shoes? Soda? Whatever. Now how dope would that be?!All I’m saying is that between HollywoodDAO, and what the Secret Network blockchain platform had done with Kevin Smith’s “Killroy Was Here” that day for movies is actually already here!Cheers!(Learn More Here)

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